Quang Minh Research and Consulting & Pathlaw is a group of professional Vietnamese consulting companies (QMC).

QMC is a a group of professional Vietnamese consulting company and law firm incorporated and operated by an active and competent team of ex-senior lawyers, staff members from international organizations, Government agencies and prestige consulting companies.

We provide a broad range of services to clients in law practices and business consulting. Our practices areas include:

  • Antitrust & Competition
  • M&A and Investment
  • Civil, commercial, and criminal litigation
  • Regulatory and public policy advocacy
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Antitrust & Competition

QMC has exceptional antitrust credentials in Antitrust & Competition. Being the leading law firm in competition in Vietnam, our practice include filings of notice of economic concentration and ratification of economic concentration under the Competition Law of Vietnam. We have successful advised all of our cases with economic concentration clearance and ratification with the Vietnam Competition Agency.

We also have considerable experience in assisting business entities in objection to the competition violations before competent court or arbitration tribunal of Vietnam.

M&A and Investment

Our services have grown out of extensive experience across numerous large and complex projects in Vietnam. QMC expertise on critical policy issues is complemented by extensive practical experience. We regularly advise clients on how to structure themselves and carry on their business, including with respect to obtaining relevant licenses, in compliance with investment, land, construction and other project deployment requirement in Vietnam.

Civil, commercial, and criminal litigation

Our lawfirm arm, Pathlaw represents companies and individuals in handling criminal and civil matters before the local and high courts. The clients benefit from our massive resource of experience in public and private sectors that needed in handling the complex cases typically involve. We also conduct confidential internal investigations for clients to assist with internal controls and compliance.

Regulatory and public policy formulation

Public law and policy practice is consistently prioritized in our services. QMC has built and maintained the position of the most active law firm in public policy formulation and advocacy for years . This helps our law firm has long understood that solutions to many issues facing clients involve the very processes by which legislation and policy are conceived, developed and implemented.

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