Quang Minh Research and Consulting & Pathlaw (QMC) brings excellence to the business and law consulting services by its resourceful staff and an extensive network of collaborators in key Government’s agencies and ministries, research institutions and international organizations.

We are proud of staying small in staff size, but unlimited in our capability to team up leading experts for implementing and delivering services to our clients.

QMC is founded and led by partners who have high profile and strong proven track records in business, legal and consulting services.

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Mr. Tran Thanh Son – Chairman

Mr. Tran Thanh Son has solid background and experience with public and private sector at both legislation facilitation and practice levels.

Before incorporating Quang Minh Consulting and Research, Mr. Son worked for some Fortune 100 companies, including American International Group (AIG) and Andersen Consulting in the United States. He supervised the consulting section at Ernst & Young Indochina from 1999 to 2001 and worked for the World Bank in Vietnam as a private sector development expert from 2003 to 2006.

Since 2006, Mr. Son has been the visiting lecturer in Management Information System and E-Commerce for the executive MBA course at Hanoi School of Business.

Mr. Son earned his Master of Business Administration, International Marketing and Finance in DePaul University, Chicago, USA. He had fellowship with some US financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Manolis Ltd and AIG - New York, USA.

Mr. Le Van Ha - Manager

Mr. Le Van Ha has a combined background and experience in law practice, businesses management and development project consulting and research.

Before co-founding Quang Minh Consulting and Research, Mr. Ha worked as Country Representative in Vietnam for the International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ), a Japanese consulting and research institution that provides services for a wide variety of international and Japanese ODA-funded projects.

Mr. Ha headed the Project Division of CONCETTI, a well-established Vietnamese consulting and research company for five years, when he managed and provided consulting services for many development and investment projects. In the prior stage, he worked as a legal specialist and practitioner for several foreign financial institutions and law firms.

Ms Nguyen Linh Chi - Partner

Ms Nguyen Linh Chi has a combined background and experience in development and financial and banking.

Ms Chi used to work as an Audit Senior in Vietnam Practice for Ernst & Young, where she extensively involved with financial and compliance audit for many foreign-funded development projects and large foreign-invested companies.

After fulfilling her Master of Commerce in the University of Sydney, Australia, Ms Chi took the role of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Manager for the Vietnam Australia Monitoring and Evaluation Strengthening Project – Phase II (VAMESP II). In this position, she worked closely with ministries and provincial authorities to develop the national monitoring and evaluation system for ODA projects and programs in Vietnam.

She participated in designing and introducing nationally-applied M&E tools including the M&E manuals, the IT tools for M&E and Five Banks harmonizing reporting tools. She also gained vast experience with M&E practice at both project management unit and sector-wide level during this period.

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